about us
In 2003, two successful Indian entrepreneurs saw a growing demand for high quality, ready-to-serve, all natural Indian food. Combining restaurant expertise with a Registered Dietitian with a Ph. D. in Nutrition Science, they put their heads and family recipes together and Monsoon Kitchens was born. Today, Monsoon Kitchens offers a full line of frozen appetizers, sauces, marinades, chutneys and entrees. Our products feature the best of healthy eating, flavorful culinary exploration and imaginative fusion creativity.
About our company
Our Vision
We believe that authentic Indian food can be both healthy and delicious, and that a variety of options should be available to meet the various dietary needs of our customers. With the growing influence of Indian flavor and culture in America, Monsoon Kitchens continues to satisfy a growing number of hungry customers and is proud to be a trusted brand in the food service industry.

and Indian culture

If you took a train from the northern state of Kashmir nestled in the Himalayas to the southernmost tropical state of Kerala, you will have traveled approximately 1800 miles and tasted a variety of Indian recipes. Indian dishes are based on the religion and the state they come from. However varied the recipes and cooking styles are though, one common inspiration thread is the spices. Indian cooking is known for its creative use of spices where masala is a term often used for a spice blend. In the West “Curry Powder” is considered a go to ingredient for cooking everything Indian but few Indian chefs only use one standard spice blend for all of their cooking.

Monsoon Kitchens’ products employ a thoughtful use of spices across all of our products representing various regional flavors to create a delicious experience for our customers.